#8914 - Zeolite - Bonzai

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Area: Capitale-Nationale
Quantity: 100 Tonne(s)
Availability date: Now
Frequency: Monthly
Packaging: Bag
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Recommended addition of 0.5% to 1% to the total ration.

-40 and -14X40 mesh products. (Attention, il faut de la ******Chabazite et non de la clinoptilolite!!!!*****)

Zeo-Feed has the following advantages:

  1. Improved water retention: Zeolite has excellent water retention properties, allowing it to absorb and retain moisture. This helps to prevent the soil from drying out too quickly, providing a more stable and consistent moisture environment for Bonsai plants.
  2. Enhanced nutrient absorption: Zeolite has a high cation exchange capacity, which means it can effectively absorb and release nutrients. When used in Bonsai pellets, zeolite helps to retain essential nutrients and gradually release them to the plant roots, promoting healthy growth and nutrient uptake.
  3. Reduced fertilizer leaching: Zeolite's porous structure enables it to trap and hold nutrients, preventing them from being washed away with excess water. This reduces fertilizer leaching, ensuring that the nutrients remain available in the soil for Bonsai plants to utilize effectively.
  4. Improved soil aeration: Zeolite particles incorporated into Bonsai pellets create air pockets within the soil, enhancing soil aeration. This promotes better root respiration and overall root health in Bonsai plants, contributing to their vitality and growth.
  5. pH regulation: Zeolite acts as a pH buffer, helping to maintain a stable and suitable pH level in the soil for Bonsai plants. This is important for optimal nutrient uptake and overall plant health, as different pH levels can affect nutrient availability to the plants.