#8915 - Zeolite - Concrete Production

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Area: Capitale-Nationale
Quantity: 100 Tonne(s)
Availability date: Now
Frequency: Monthly
Packaging: Bag
MSDS Zeolite.pdf


Concrete Production
Recommended for Fly Ash and Pozzolanic Activity Replacement
-40 and -14X40 mesh products.
The advantages of using natural Zeolite as a cement replacement include:
  1. Pozzolanic activity for increased strength and durability.
  2. Improved workability of concrete mixes.
  3. Reduced heat of hydration, minimizing the risk of thermal cracking.
  4. Lower carbon footprint compared to traditional cement.
  5. Enhanced chemical resistance in aggressive environments.
  6. Potential cost savings.
  7. Utilization of zeolite mixte with waste materials.