gestion des matières résiduelles

Maximize 4R's (Reduce, reuse, recycle and recover)

Do you know that waste management and transport cost will increase by 16% over the next five years, which is an increase of $42 per ton. 1

In view of the substantial increase in residual materials and waste management costs, can industries, commercial enterprises, institutions and municipalities operate respecting sustainable development principles.

ICI, give a Second Cycle of life to your residual material

Second Cycle offer a transaction network which post offers and demands of goods, furniture, used equipment, surplus materials, inventory surplus, production surplus and residual materials so they may be used again or recycled. The network helps speed up transactions between all players using the exchange system. This reduces the waste quantity and its management costs and gives a good indicator to measure the level of sustainable development. Second Cycle innovates by creating a viral web 2.0 effect in the community and appeals to it for new ideas.

Second Cycle… at the heart of the network

Le réseau de Second Cycle

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